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How you can help.  HERO plans the following events:

Saturday, 10th August – street collection. This will provide an immediate injection of funds to ensure that we can continue giving the children professional psychological help and to develop marketing material. We shall be handing out brochures (black & white at this stage) to explain to contributors what we are all about.

11th September –  a Quiz evening, Challenge your know-it-all friends! Bring your picnic baskets and see how much you know about Knysna (be careful – there may be a few trick questions!) Venue to be confirmed, then advertised.

October (date to be confirmed: 19th or 26th, then advertised) Phantom of the Opera evening. Cheese and Wine. Glorious masks which allow you to be who you really are!

November 23rd – Street Collection

December – Communities Raffle. Great prizes! The communities which we help will have the opportunity to support HERO as well. Other Knysna residents will also be able to buy tickets.

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