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Approximately 18 months ago there was an article in a South African Newspaper about a man that was killed in a Farm Attack… he did not have any descendants or family and left his whole Estate to the Abraham Kriel Orphanage (Bloemfontein). Eventually he died with an Estate worth R35 mill…. and this planted the seeds that the inheritance of any individual that has made sufficient provision for his own family and himself, can Leave a Legacy to the Welfare Industry.

During that same time, Petrie Swanevelder, an Insurance and Investment Advisor was approached by a Local Welfare Organisation for a donation. Contrary to the issue of donating money to them, he interviewed the individual with the intention to find out how they obtain their funds for this Welfare Organisation that they represent. And, through this conversation the model Leave a Legacy was born.

The Financial Services as an industry is the wealthiest industry in the world and rarely allow the Welfare Industry to benefit from the proceeds of a life policy. This is the first vehicle of its kind that is designed to officially improve the world of Welfare, by choice of the individual’s last wish through a life policy.

This extended Benefit of a Life Policy is enhanced by the sharing of the initiation fees, also to the benefit of the same organisation (also called Introduction commission). This would allow the Welfare Organisation to start seeing the fruits of the individual/company’s loyalties and desire to plough back something into local Welfare Community of his/her choice.

Instead of donating a capital amount upfront, Petrie Swanevelder offered to make this organisation  a partner. This means that Leave a Legacy would share commission upfront on transactions that would derive from this symbiotic relationship over and above to proceeds of a Life Policy that would accrue to them later on.

This relationship is extended to any other contract that is then deriving as a consumer action from the individual/company’s relationship and Petrie Swanevelder (representing Old Mutual Personal Financial Advice).

For more information about Petrie Swanevelder visit his website on: www.swanevelderadvisors.com